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or anywhere you have a phone or computer.

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Dial: 916-233-0562
Times are:  11 am Pacific Time Zone,
Noon Mountain, 1 pm Central, 2 pm Eastern

(Dial in 2 to 3 minutes early as services begin promptly.)

At the end of the brief welcome message you will be instructed to enter a special four digit code followed by the pound (#) key --0566#-- (you can enter this code any time during the welcome message to bypass it) which will then bring you into a live Sabbath service -- exclusively for our phone audience. This is a special ministry of the Association for Christian Development. We welcome your support. Services run approximately 60-70 minutes.    --Kenneth Westby

Current & Past Topics (Saturdays 11 AM Pacific)

The Virtual Church is available live over the internet via web streaming at 11 AM Pacific time. It can be heard (and viewed) anywhere in the world via a computer connected to the Worldwide Web.  Click the Start Streaming!! message on the home page. Recent VC services are also available at an on-demand basis 24/7--click on "Previous Virtual Church Programs." For those with slow internet connections, audio only connects are available. Also, audio downloads are available for MP3 use.
Both web streaming and phone hook up are available for all our weekly services unless otherwise noted. VC services are always on Saturdays unless otherwise noted.

June 2 &3 Saturday & Sunday -- Live, the 11th annual One God Seminar series. 9 AM to 5 PM Central Time Zone each day with a break for lunch. Pick a seminar to listen to--Audio Links to the entire seminar:  http://christianmonotheism.com/php/media_center/conference_displayer.php?chosen=year&mode=year&data=2012



 12th Annual One God Seminar
Federal Way, Washington

June 8-9 (Sat-Sun)

Investigating the Nature of God and Nature of Christ
The Most Important Study on Earth

th Annual One God Seminar

Austin, Texas

June 2-3 (Sat-Sun)




Agenda--10th Annual One God Seminar
Pasadena, California

Seminar lengths will vary. Each presenter will reserve time at his conclusion for audience questions and comments. We ask that questions be restricted to the subject matter presented at a particular session. All questions will be welcomed during open Q&A sessions at the conclusion of the seminar program.

 Saturday, May 28th

 8:30—9 AM  An Introduction. “Why Study the Nature of God?”            —Ken Westby & Anthony Buzzard


#1)  9—9:40 AM  “The Unknown God”  —Owen Murphy

#2)  9:40— 11 AM “What’s Afoot in the Middle East?” (Is current upheaval a prophetic fulfillment, and what might it tell us about Jesus’ God status?) —Kermit Zarley

#3)  11 AM —Noon  “The Story Behind 1 John 5:7” (How the most Trinitarian verse in the Bible proves that the Bible does not support the Trinity) —Sean Finnegan

             Lunch: 12—1:15 PM

 #4)  1:15—2:45 PM  “The Birth Certificate of Jesus”  —Sir Anthony Buzzard

 #5)  2:45—4:15 —PM  “The Plural Singularity of God in Hebrew Grammar” —Nehemia Gordon


 Meet & Greet: 4:15—6 PM  A relaxing get-acquainted and fellowship hour in the adjacent restaurant. Snacks and  beverages available. Let the discussions continue! A wedding is scheduled for our meeting room Saturday evening necessitating us to end the seminar sessions a little early.

                        Sunday, May 29th

 #6)  8:30—9:30 AM  “If Jesus Is Not God, Why Is He So Important?”  —Gary Woodring

#7)  9:30—10:15 AM   “Investigative Theology: an Overview and Example (Is 'God the Father' in the OT, or NOT?)"Bob Woodburn

#8)  10:30—11:30 AM  “Christ, the Image of The Invisible God”  —Michel Denis

 #9)  11:30—Noon “Our One God Critics”  Mark Bosserman

             Lunch: 12—1:15 PM

 #10)  1:15—2:45 PM  “The Character of God  in the Hebrew Version of the Lord’s Prayer”  —Nehemia Gordon

 #11)  3—4 PM  “So How Is He a Son?" --Noel Rude.

 #12)  4—5:30 PM  “Open Line: Reports, Comments, Questions, and Discussion”. —Panel chaired by: by Kermit Zarley, Sean Finnegan, and Anthony Buzzard, with Ken Westby moderating. Audience participation encouraged.


Please Note: Our telephone dial-in number is:  916-233-0562. The guest code is: 0566#
I welcome your suggestions for topics to be discussed on the Virtual Church. Send them to me at:
westby@godward.org or ACD@godward.org.


Join Us In Seattle for Sabbath services every week at 11 AM (Pacific Time). This is no joke. It is a most sincere and entreating request for your presence at our services.

But you say you live too far away from Seattle? …No problem!

Can’t stand Seattle’s rotten rainy weather? …No problem!

Have a bad back and can’t sit in a hard church chair for an hour? …No problem!

Are not up to driving long distances anymore? …No problem!

Would have to leave every 15 minutes to nurse your hungry kid? …No problem!

Like to mumble out loud when you agree or disagree with the preacher? …No problem!

Dislike clear, inspired, relevant biblical preaching? …That’s a problem!

Now that takes care of the objections…right? Well then, why not join us every Sabbath at 11 AM – or if that is not possible, join us once or twice a month? Here is the deal.

You pick up the phone and dial in to attend a specially dedicated Sabbath Service (or view and listen to it via your computer). This is not listening in to a local church service. This is a "telephone and Worldwide Web connected congregation" – a virtual church, a cyber church. It is a live service broadcast around the world to all in telephone and computer attendance. This electronic medium is a surprisingly effective and easy way to bring people together at minimal effort and expense. Here are the details.

Time: 11 AM Saturdays (Pacific time); [12 Noon (Mountain); 1 PM (Central); 2 PM (Eastern)].

Location: Your home, or office, or car, or motel, or anywhere you have a phone.

Dial: 916-233-0562 (when prompted, enter code: 0566#)
Go to the home page on this website and click on the "Streaming" button at 11 AM Pacific time (USA) Saturdays to view the Virtual Church service live.

(Dial in 2 to 5 minutes early to make sure you are connected for the opening as we always begin services promptly.)

At the end of the brief welcome message you will be instructed to enter a special four digit code followed by the pound (#) key--0566#--which will then bring you into our live Sabbath service. Services will run approximately 60 minutes.

Costs: Services are free and there is no additional charge for the conference number or connection. Your only costs will be your own call at whatever the rates are with your long distance carrier. There are, of course, additional costs to the ACD for the conferencing services and for having our own exclusive conference number. We welcome all support for this ministry. You may send a tax deductible donation to the ACD, 27013 Pacific Hwy S, #400, Des Moines, WA 98198. Thank you helping support the Virtual Church outreach.

When the services are over, just hang up (or stay on line for a discussion period of comments and questions).

Suggestions for Dial-up listeners: Use a speaker telephone if you have one. If you don’t, you might consider getting one. They are not expensive—a good quality unit can be purchased for about $30-40 dollars (I've seen them for under $25). A speaker phone will give your hand and ear a rest and allow you to relax while you follow along in your Bible or take notes. Just hit the speaker button on your phone before you dial in. A speaker phone will also allow everyone in your living room to hear the message. Home churches will find this service a valuable addition to their regular program or as an occasional replacement. You can, of course, just listen alone with your hand set.

Our conference lines are fully interactive which means that should the speaker solicit comments or questions from the telephone congregation, anyone could participate and all would be able to hear the question and answer. One caution: For interactivity to be effective listeners on speaker phones need to keep a quiet room. (The guy who likes to mumble along with the preacher will need to use the "mute" button on his phone so we all don’t have to hear his running commentary.)

Speakers:  I schedule outstanding speakers representing various biblical specialties. We will hear from prophecy specialists, NT scholars, OT scholars, Hebrew roots teachers, personal development leaders, and solid biblical expositors. I will also speak and serve as your regular weekly host. Not all services will be in a preaching format, some will be discussion panels, some in seminar format

The purpose of ACD’s "Phone Church" (don’t you dare call it "phony") is to provide regular spiritual and biblical teaching to Christians in order to stimulate growth in the knowledge of God. We know there is a need for this service especially among scattered Christians who either don’t have a church home or are too far away to attend a congregation in their faith. And for shut-ins and the elderly this can be a valuable resource of regular encouragement and inspiration. I should state that this program is not intended to compete with the local church congregation. It is always preferable to attend face-to-face with local Christians of like mind when that opportunity is available.

I’ve lined up a roster of excellent speakers and topics. Check the schedule above for coming topics and titles. Please invite others to listen and pass the word to your friends.

The only valid way to know if ACD’s Virtual Church will be of value to you personally is to call 1-916-233-0562. It's simple...just Dial In or hit the Streaming button on the home page..

I look forward to joining you on the Sabbath.

--Kenneth Westby

P.S.  In addition to services at 11 AM (Pacific time) every Sabbath there will be services on all the annual biblical festivals.