Unsealing Ezekiel 4 & 5 to Unlock the Bible’s Chronology


by Yves Péloquin


Figuring out the Bible’s chronology from Adam to Joseph is relatively simple. Beginning with year 0 AM which we tag to Adam’s creation, we can obtain the successive years of birth of all the patriarchs as far as Joseph, by merely adding the numerical information supplied in Genesis. 


Example: Gen 5:3 tells us that Seth was born when Adam was 130 years old. Gen 5:6 tells us that Enosh was born when Seth was 105 years old. In Gen 5:9 we are told that Kenan was born when Enosh was 90 years old. With those three verses we have enough information to figure out that:


Adam               was born in year 0 AM

Seth                 was born in year 130 AM

Enosh              was born in year 235 AM

Kenan              was born in year 325 AM      


There is nothing original in building the patriarchs’ chronology the way I just explained. In fact this is the only way to do it and everyone who has tried to figure out the whole Bible’s chronology would have been quite happy to use this method all the way to Yeshua’s death. Unfortunately when we reach the year of Joseph’s death (2368 AM) we come to a dead end, as there is no biblical information that would allow us to directly connect it with the next sequential event, which is Aaron’s birth.


This, here, is a problem that must have discouraged more than one person. The solution is to give up trying to connect Aaron, Moses and other individuals to Joseph and instead concentrate on any of the other events that happened later on with the purpose to anchor them, if possible, to a date we already have in our ongoing timeline. The logic of this is that if we can get a date for a major event such as the Exodus or the construction of the first Temple, we will use it as a ‘hub’ to connect many other events that gravitated around it during that particular period of time.


Example: According Ex 12:40 the Exodus happened 430 years after some event during the patriarchs’ time. From Exodus we get the date of the Promised Land that happened 40 years later. And according Deut 34:7 Moses was 120 years old when he died and it was a month before the Israelites came to the Promised Land. Other events like “the division of the land”, “Moses’ flight from Egypt”, “Caleb’s birth” and  “the spying of the land by Joshua and Caleb” can be figured out using the Exodus as the anchoring point.   


The Bible explicitly supplies six important values that allow us to bridge different eras.

They are:

The 300 years of Jud 11:25. It links the death of Moses with the beginning

of the period of Judge Jephthah.

The 400 years of Gen 15:13. It links Abraham’s descendants with the Exodus.

The 430 years of Exo 12:40. It links the children of Israel with the Exodus.

The 450 years of Acts 13:16. It links the selection of the fathers with the period of

            the judges.

The 480 years of 1 Kings 6:1. It links the arrival into the Promised Land with the

construction of the first Temple.

The 490 years inferred by the 70 years of 2 Chron 36:21. It links the interruption of the

Sabbatical cycle with the destruction of the first Temple and the desolation of

the land.


Although these six values are essential for building the chronology of the Bible, unfortunately they are not sufficient to fill all the gaps and guarantee that no errors of interpretation were introduced in some era. For instance, if there is one field in the Bible’s chronology that has challenged the commentators more than any others it must be the period related to the kings of each kingdom. Who can pretend today, with absolute confidence that they know how many years the kings of Judah and the king of Israel reigned?  To solely cumulate all the internal years of each reign is not enough to ensure that we get the right answer.    


In the last few centuries, hundreds of people (and I am one of them) have produced a chronological Bible timeline and although no two solutions came up exactly the same, we all believe that we got the right one.   Isn’t it surprising, given that we all used the same basic material, that none of us obtained the same overall chronology?


Is it reasonable to believe that God would have inspired the authors of the Bible to write more than 300 chronological values but wouldn’t have made sure this was enough to obtain the right chronology? 


I had serious doubts about that and after spending months searching for new clues I was quite relieved to discover that there was a Master Key ingeniously dissimulated in Ezekiel. No wonder nobody ever saw it; it took me several more years to fully understand all the implications of what I had found.


This Master Key is obtained by properly interpreting Ezekiel 4-5. 


Several solutions have been proposed to explain the 390 and the 40 years symbolized by Ezekiel’s 390 and 40 days. None has been very convincing until now.


The following observation is therefore indisputable:


In spite of the fact that Ezekiel spent a very lengthy 430 days on his sides to perform a sign, in the privacy of his house, no-one ever came up with any hidden interpretation that could match (and justify) the prophet’s amazing task?


Here is what everyone has overlooked. Ezekiel was, while he was lying on his sides, simultaneously performing more than a dozen symbolic acts, and each one of those acts was portraying an independent set of events that had taken place or would take place over a period of either 390, 40 or 430 years.


The priceless contribution of  Ezekiel 4. to the chronology is obtained by interpreting the following 12 symbolic acts. 



Symbolical ACT




Ezek 4:3 Then take an iron pan, place it as an iron wall between you and the city and turn your face toward it. It will be under siege



from    “Ark put in the Temple” 


to         “End of the first Temple”


Ezek 4:4  lie on your left side and put the sin of the house of Israel upon yourself

390 years


from   “Gibeah’s sin” 


to  “David  brings the Ark in Jerusalem”


Ezek 4:6 lie down again, this time on your right side, and bear the sin of the house of Judah.

40 years


from  “Manaseh’s desecration of the Temple” 


to  “Josiah cleansing the Temple before holding his grandiose Passover”


Ezek 4:7 Turn your face toward the siege of Jerusalem and with bared arm prophesy against her

390 years


from  “Moses’ flight from Egypt”


to “Philistines capture the Ark”


Ezek 4:7 Turn your face toward the siege of Jerusalem and with bared arm prophesy against her

40 years


from “Jeremiah starts prophesying”


to “End of the first Temple”


Ezek 4:7 Turn your face toward the siege of Jerusalem and with bared arm prophesy against her

430 years

from “Exodus”


to death of Samuel”


Ezek 4:13 In this way the people of Israel will eat defiled food among the nations

390 years


from “foundation of Samaria”


to “Return of the 42,360 exiles” with Zerubbabel 


Ezekiel’s body undefiled during 40 days. Ezekiel didn’t eat during those 40 days.

40 years


from “Hezekiah purifies the Temple”


to “Manasseh desecrates the Temple”


Ezek 5:1 take a sharp sword and use it as a barber's razor to shave your head

430 years

from “capture of the Ark by the Philistines”


to  “Isaiah’s foretelling” see Isa 7:8


Ezek 5:1 Then take a set of scales and divide up the hair.

430 years

from “split of the kingdom at Solomon’s death”

to “end of Babylon empire” 


Ezekiel’s hair growing (this is implied by the text) 

430 years

from “Construction of 2nd Temple”


to “Herod starts the repairs on the 2nd Temple”  


Ezek 3:26 I will make your tongue stick to the roof of your mouth so that you will be silent

430 years

from “the first celebration of Purim”

to  “start of Yeshua’s ministry”


see Amos 8:11

for this “Famine of words



A direct outcome of the stunning information hidden in Ezekiel 4-5 is that we can now build the Bible’s chronology around a very elaborate network of time markers. In the course of my research I came to the conclusion that the Bible’s timeline can be viewed as a unique structure in which each event happened only at the most suitable time.  Imbedded in this structure is a huge number of patterns showing the unmistakable characteristics of an intelligent design: 


Coherence   Harmony    Symmetry             Beauty


Let’s look at the following two sequences of biblical events.


In the first sequence each element is separated by a period of 490 years.



490 y.

Ark brought into the Temple

490 y.

Return of the

42,360 from exile

490 y.

Death of




In the second one they are separated by 400 years.


Binding of Isaac

400 y.


400 y.

Saul becomes King

400 y.

Exile of Israel


Coincidences do happen and nobody can argue against that. But the patterns we see here have nothing to do with chance.


-        To believe that it was purely accidental that those events became aligned the way they are is unrealistic. Each sequence makes use of a special number, and each sequence connects events that share some affinity.


-        Neither should we believe that some individuals could have knowingly altered the course of history by forcing the occurrence of each event at a set time. This is preposterous; this action would have had to have been carried out over several thousands years. 


Thus, understanding Ezekiel 4-5 allowed us to build the right chronology, having the right chronology led us to numerous patterns, and from those patterns we were able to deduce something that could not have been known otherwise: God subtly molded the Bible timeline. Only the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, which has no beginning and no end, could have planned and accomplished, over several thousands years, this intricate synchronisation of events.




Sealing is hiding the true meaning of something.  Ezekiel 4. was sealed and one had to wait 2,500 years to even realize that it had been. Is it accidental that ours is the generation that finds all this information? It doesn’t take much imagination to believe that it was planned to happen at this time from the very beginning. At least this explanation does reconcile our past inability to set the right Bible’s chronology despite God’s giving us more than 300 chronological references to work with. 


Why was Ezekiel asked to lie on his side? According Ezek 4:3 he was going to perform a sign for the House of Israel. How could it have been possible? The House of Israel (not to be confused with the House of Judah) had already gone into exile when Ezekiel did the sign. And let’s keep in mind that not only was the sign not understood until now, but in addition some of the symbolic acts performed in that sign portrayed events that were totally unknown in Ezekiel’s time. They were scheduled to happen several hundreds years after the prophet’s death.     


So we have:


-The sign was given to the House of Israel but they were in exile at the time (and still are).

-The sign was sealed from the beginning but now it is finally open.


And by rephrasing we got:


--The sign would be for the people of the House of Israel when the time came for them to understand it.


Interesting, isn’t it?  It is as if the sign had a dual purpose: first allowing us to resolve the chronological biblical timeline, then to raise the awareness of some people about their true identity, to make them know that they were members of the House of Israel.


If biblical knowledge is not already increasing it will do soon, in all likelihood Daniel 12 was also written for our time. Lets hope we will have enough wisdom to find those who will help us understand.


·       Dan 12:4 seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase."



All my research, documentation and patterns are available to those who want to know more.



Yves Péloquin

Montréal  Jan 11, 2011