June 2007 Albany, NY One God Seminar Agenda


Seminar lengths will vary. Each presenter will reserve time at his conclusion for audience questions and comments. We ask that questions be restricted to the subject matter presented at a particular session. All questions will be welcomed during the open Q&A sessions .


Friday, June 8th


8:30—9 AM  An Introduction. “Why  One God Seminars?”

    —Ken Westby


#1)  9—10:15 AM  The Trinity: Defined and Refuted —Sean Finnegan

#2)  10:15—11:15 AM  John—the Odd Man among the Gospel Evangelists —F. Paul Haney




#3)  11:30 AM—12:15 PM Did Jesus Volunteer to be Our Savior?  —Mel Hershberger


  12:15—1:30 PM  Lunch Break


#4)  1:30—2:45 PM  Christ, the Firstborn and Head of the Universe  —Nathan Crowder


#5)  2:45—4 PM Did Christ Create the Cosmos? Connections between Genesis, Psalm 110, and the Gospel of John  —Noel Rude


  Dinner Break


#6)  7 PM—8 PM  Identity Theft: How the True Identity of the Man Yeshua Has Been Stolen  —Ray Gebauer


#7) 8 PM—9 PM Be Proud of Our God  —Victor Gluckin 


Saturday, June 9th


#8)  8:30—10:30 AM  A Preexistent Jesus and the “Sons of God”  —David Sielaff




#9)  10:45—Noon  Elohim and The Son of God  —Anthony Buzzard


  Lunch Break


#10)  1 PM—2 PM  Oneness to One: The Quest for the One God of the Bible —J. Dan Gill


#11)   2 PM—2:45 PM  Introducing Yahweh, the One and Only True God  —Mark Bosserman




#12)  3 PM—4 PM  Dual Deceits About God  —Ken Westby



#13)  4 PM—5:15 PM  The Nature of Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels —Gary Fakhoury

Closing Comments:  — Anthony Buzzard, Ken Westby and others


  Dinner at the Sitar Restaurant  — 6 PM


Sunday, June 10th


10:30 AM Services at the Living Hope Community Church. Pastor Vince Finnegan speaking on: “One God and Compassion