Agenda for the One God Seminar--May 2006

If you missed the seminar (described below), tapes and papers are available. Simply request them by writing ACD and including an offering to defray expenses (ACD, PO Box 4748, Federal Way, WA 98063).

Friday, May 19th 

8:30—9 AM  An Introduction. “Why  One God Seminars?”

    —Ken Westby/Anthony Buzzard

 #1)  9—9:50 AM  “Incarnation—Understanding “the word became   flesh”  —Robert Woodburn 

#2)  9:50—10:45 AM “What in the world are “all things” and did they   need Jesus Christ around to become “all things”?  —Richard Fix 


#3)  11 AM—12:15 PM “The Two Powers in Heaven—the nature of   God controversy in first century Judaism” —Brian Fulton 

  12:15—1:30 PM  Lunch Break 

#4)  1:30—2:30 PM  “Our Hebrew Faith”  —Jonathan Sjordal 

#5)  2:30—3:15 PM “Seven Best Verses Which Prove the One True   God in Scripture”  —Gary Sjordal 


#6)  3:30—4:30 PM “Does God Have a God?” —Mark Bosserman 

#7) 4:30—5:30 PM “Can the Same Line Begin from Two Different Points?”    —Anthony Buzzard   

Saturday, May 20th

#8)  8:30—9:30 AM  “New Testament Corruptions—Accidental, Deliberate,   or Both?”  —F. Paul Haney

#9)  9:30—10:30 AM  “Seeing Outside the Trinity Box” —Ray Gebauer 


#10)  10:45—11:45 AM “The Alchemy of Zion and Greece” —Kenneth   Westby 

  Q & A) 11:45 AM—12:15 PM  

  12:15—1:30 PM Lunch Break 

#11)  1:30—2:30 PM “The Nature of Jesus in the Book of Acts” —Gary Fakhoury 

#12)  2:30—3:30 PM “A Unitarian View of the Holy Spirit”  —Sean Finnegan 


#13)  3:45—5:30 PM “Comments, Rebuttals, and Q & A Session” — Anthony Buzzard, Ken Westby and others 

Sunday, May 21st

9 AM—Noon  An informal planning with Q & A , suggestions and comments held at the Quality Inn Hotel.