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A Disintegrating World? Brief Commentary by Owen Murphy & Ken Westby

"Key to understanding the New Testament: Read it Backwards"  (Conclusion) -- Ken Westby


"Amazing Nexus of Family and Christianity" 
--Ken Westby
Christianity is in decline and so is the family unit. What is the connection? Each operates upon the other. This fact offers hope for a revival of both, but present trends unfortunately predict a collapse of Western civilization. It is up to the present generation to determine the direction our culture takes. Series to be continued in future Virtual Church programs.

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Rethinking My Faith by Brian Knowles
Discipline in the Church of God
  by Brian Knowles
The Holocaust: Worse Than We Thought!  by Brian Knowles
Musings on the Tenth Commandment  by Brian Knowles

The Idols Among Us  by Ken Westby
From Darkness to Light  by Brian Knowles
The "Us" Factor by Brian Knowles
Looking for God on Mars  by Ken Westby

End Times, Seven Seals....and My Thoughts-- Noel Rude
How to Pronounce the Divine Name...Maybe  --Noel Rude


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The Key To Understanding the New Testament - Ken Westby


The Two Prongs of Evolution - Ken Westby




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What is the ACD? - The Association for Christian Development is a non-denominational Christian ministry dedicated to proclaiming the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God. We believe God has a Grand Plan for mankind, which at its core calls us to become like him—after his image in character and mind. We believe God has given us all Scripture (OT & NT) to guide us in discovering him, his true faith, and his way of life. Therefore ACD is committed to restoring and teaching the original Gospel message of God’s soon-coming Paradise Kingdom, and proclaiming his invitation to all people to have an eternal part in it. Click Here to Learn More!

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We recommend you visit an excellent website -- www.ChristianMonotheism.com --devoted exclusively to Christian Monotheism. It challenges the Trinitarian tradition and provides biblical arguments that disprove the Trinity and that affirm that God is one singular being--the Creator and Father of Jesus and all mankind. Its extensive media library contains most of the presentations from our One God Seminars plus dozens of other well-researched presentations from a variety of speakers.
, check out this new website hosted by my friend. J. Dan Gill21st Century Reformation (www.21stcr.org)
It presents attractive multimedia presentations, articles on biblical monotheism, in a newsletter format with interviews and articles.         

new.gif (1825 bytes)Trinity Debate: Listen to Pastor Sean Finnegan as he takes on a Trinity advocate. http://kingdomready.org/blog/2008/01/15/debating-the-trinity/  and on the internet Byte Show:


Michael Medved, columnist and national talk show host, writes about the 4th Commandment and how it can improve your life. Read it.

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New Booklet
by Brian Knowles: "First Principles of the Christian Faith"Read Part One: "Repentance from Dead Works."   Part Two: Faith Toward God   Part Three: The Doctrine of Baptisms   Part Four: The Laying on of Hands Part Five:  The Resurrection of the Dead  Part Six:  Eternal Judgment

Also read these outstanding articles by Brian Knowles: "Three Commandments for Long Life"  "Looking for God in all the Wrong Places"   "Lessons from the Temptation of Jesus"  Recent: "What is the Spirit of Antichrist?";   "A Rambling Moan about the State of The Faith" "Just what do you mean, Orthodox?" "Love Covers, Hate Exposes" and "Putting God to the Test: What is so bad about it?"

A Proverb or Psalm to Live By

Today's Pick:

The opening up of your words--it gives light;
It gives understanding to the simple.

Psalm 119:130

This "opening up" (Heb. petah) when used in Ps 49:5 refers to a mystery needing explanation. Expounding of Yahweh's words brings illumination. The picture might be of words contained on a scroll all rolled up within. It needs to be unrolled. Men and women should seek to open up the words of God by thought, research, insight and by spiritual wisdom. The jewels of truth are worth digging for, taking the effort to open them up. Not all truth of God sits on the surface. The mere presence of the scroll of Yahweh's words bring no light until someone opens the scroll. We need to associate ourselves with others skilled in respecting and opening up the words of God. We need to see it is our personal responsibility to seek the light by opening up the words.

These opened up words are our gateway to light. Yahweh's words, if heeded, enlighten our path--specifically the path of the simple. Here "the simple" suggest someone like the psalmist himself, someone of simple faith in a good sense. Light is regularly a symbol not merely of guidance but of blessing. In God's words there is an intellectual and spiritual goldmine awaiting our attention. The Bible sits near our bedside, resting on a coffee table, or atop the piano. But until it is opened and its words pondered, no light, no wisdom is revealed, it just gathers dust.

There is a great thrill to experience this "opening up" of God's words. Psalms and Proverbs especially lend themselves to this process. Try opening up a few verses each day and you'll be surprised how much more light your day will have, how much clearer and brighter your path appears. Seek guidance from others who have also pondered those same scriptures and consider what they have learned (good biblical commentaries are wonderful aids). We crave understanding for our own lives and for the bigger meaning of life itself. God invites us to receive that understanding by opening up His words.   --Ken Westby

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Latest Articles
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Why God Requires Moral Behavior  Brian Knowles posits that Happiness is a moral obligation

In the Lord's Interests  Usually things are done for and in our own interests. We are challenged by Christ to reach higher.

Islam's "Sabbath"  Allah, Islam’s God, didn’t rest after the six days of creation and Moslems see no need to rest on their “Sabbath” which is Friday, the sixth day of the week.

Cain and His Family  The man and the family that determined the fate of the pre-flood world. A thorough investigation.

Angels and the Thirteen Sabbath Songs  One of the most intriguing discovering among the Dead Sea Scrolls.

A Sabbath Journey  An Assembly of God pastor decided Saturday is the Sabbath and life took a major turn.

The Humor of Jesus  The Savior had a well developed sense of humor--unlike a lot of prune-faced religious people.

Scholars...Who Needs Them?  Only the ignorant think they don't.

A Sermon to the Wind  Why do most messages fly over the head, or through the ears without stopping to visit the mind?

Profaning the Sabbath Day  What is the necessary work that the Bible allows to be done on the Sabbath Day?

Stingy Christians and a Generous God  If you can describe yourself as a generous Christian— as evidenced by your acts of generosity toward God and man—feel free to skip this article.

The Sovereignty of God: His Place and Ours  Go ahead and question God, but keep a few things in mind when you do. You'll find those things in Job's direct encounter with God.

Abortion and the Sabbath  There is one command among The Ten that specifically protects the vulnerable, the powerless, and the weak. There are no more vulnerable souls in the world than the unborn.

What About Hanukkah? This non-biblical Jewish celebration holds a fascinating adventure story right out history. Read Dr. Doug Ward's account of the history behind the Maccabee warriors and the book they left the world.

Two Scenes from Israel My recent trip left two impressions that seem to capture the contrasts of Israel. --Ken Westby

Does Col 2:16 Do Away with Sabbath Celebrations?  The late biblical scholar Charles V. Dorothy wrote this paper in the early 1990s before he died. We believe it is one of the explanations available of this hotly disputed text. This article is in an Adobe PDF file format so please be patient while it loads.

 On Being A Christian In Troubled Times

Making Yourself Sick  Happiness is a choice, and so is unhappiness. "Stinking thinking" is what make most of us miserable. But isn't the world full of negativity and evil? Isn't that reality? How can we be positive and happy in such an environment?

Reconciling Myself to Art Brian Knowles unburdens himself.

Rest In Peace  Graveyards are places to do serious meditation. Meditation may be a lost practice for many of us -- to our detriment. But one doesn't need to visit a cemetery to begin this deepening practice. 

Is There Buried Treasure in King David's Tomb?
Gary Arvidson's book: In Search of King David's Lost Tomb and Treasure comes under the reviewing eye of Dr Doug Ward. This insightful survey of material gets to the heart of the treasure mystery and offers a valuable summary of the book.

Why Be Religious?   What does being religious mean? Is it commitment to one's church organization? Church commitment and church politics have little to do with the true practice of Christianity. In fact, they may inhibit or destroy the light God intends to be reflected from us to a world in need.

Who is America in Prophecy? Some believe that the ancient tribe of Ephraim is modern day Britain. Others believe that if a modern Ephraim exists is would be none other than the USA. See a transcript of a recent discussion on this subject.

Miracle on Highway 93  Do Miracles still happen? Well, one did on a Montana highway last December. Read the compelling account from the eye witnesses. 

The First Holy Thing First Mentions and First Occurrences in Scripture are significant. In all the Bible what is the first  "thing" made holy? What can it tell us about the ultimate purpose of everything? 

   Is There Any Hope for Israel?The short-term picture is grim, mid-term even grimmer. If you climb a hill and take the long view you'll find hope. Brian Knowles gives us the three views from current events and Scripture.
ACD Newsletter

November 2002 ACD Newsletter -- Special report from Africa; Susan Richardson on "Commitment"; and a don't-miss article by Brian Knowles, "For Christians: An Increasingly Dangerous World."

Dr. Dorothy’s "Books of Esther" Published!  With this study, to which Charles V. Dorothy, PhD, devoted a decade of his life, some of the major unknowns about Esther have been discovered and many age-old questions answered. All future commentaries and studies of Esther will draw upon CVD’s foundational analysis.
Special Articles

The Ephrata Cloister -- A Sabbatarian Commune in Colonial Pennsylvania  Read the remarkable story of what happened to the utopian dream of its founders.

A New Look At Prophecy  What has been your model for "the end"? Have you revised your understanding with new data--biblical, historical, current political trends and realities? Many folks haven't. Taking a fresh look at some old prophetical assumptions, Steve Collins in a lengthy article presents his view of future events. Perhaps it will stimulate you to revisit and test your old prophetical scenario.   

Christian Faith and Military ServiceSteve Collins weighs in on the thorny issue of should a Christian bear arms for his country. Some Christian groups teach against any military service and advise their young men to be conscious objectors. Do they have a biblical case?

The Real "Ark Mystery"Doug Ward, PhD, takes us on an exciting journey to discover what happened to the sacred Ark of the Covenant. He also addresses the larger question, Does it Matter?

The Sabbath: "Worthless Manna"?  Manna was a gift from God to newly liberated Israel. The former slaves now found themselves in a desert without food. God provided food from heaven; a food some soon came to despise as worthless. Another gift, the Sabbath, has received a similar welcome.

The Politicization of Doctrine--Why It Happens Why can't people just let the Bible speak for itself? The question is naive, of course, and ignores how churches operate and how doctrine and theology are done. But it is still a darn good question that deserves an answer..

Rediscovering Biblical Celebrations  Life's three basic questions--who is God?; who are We?; and how shall we live?--find answer in the Scriptures. Those answers in turn shed light on two neglected areas of Christian living; joy and celebration. Read and study the following so you may join us in rediscovery and rejoicing.
What Does Passover Mean to You?  Are you aware of the recent debate about what day is the proper time for "keeping" the Passover? Are you in doubt or troubled by conflicting opinions about "the original," or "the biblical Passover"? Read this straight forward analysis by a biblical scholar
The Saints on the Sea of Glass  A "new doctrine" has surfaced among certain Church of God groups--a new twist on the Place of Safety doctrine. It calls for the Saints to be taken up to heaven during the Great Tribulation, prior to the First Resurrection. Let's check this one out.
A Sabbatarian History--Persecution, Heroes & Thanksgiving  The history of Sabbathkeepers these past few centuries is rich with heroes in the faith. Dr. Doug Ward walks us through the troubles and triumphs of Christians who struggled to "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy."
Is Christ the "End of The Law"? -- A new look at Romans 10:4   Dr. Doug Ward presents a thorough investigation that should leave you the jury with only one verdict.

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